Engineered by Mother Nature.

The True Fleece story began when Carl and his wife Victoria were trying to find a
natural alternative to their children’s synthetic school uniforms. Unable to find anyone
offering exactly what they were looking for, they took matters into their own hands.

“We didn’t want to have to settle on synthetics like polar fleece, which are
uncomfortable and bad for the environment, when there’s an amazing natural,
warm comfy alternative like merino wool,” Carl said. 

 “We’d already made merino dressing gowns to keep the children warm when they were little,
so we thought why not do the same thing for their uniforms.” The children loved their new
uniforms and soon other parents began to take notice, asking Carl and Victoria if they
could make some for their kids.

We are proudly 100%
New Zealand made




That was 9 years ago


Today True Fleece has grown into a brand that produces a range of high performance merino
garments for both adults and children that meet the growing demand for natural, sustainable
and ethically produced clothing. As a brand, we have made conscious decisions all the way along to
stay true to what we believe is best for consumers to wear.

Accountability is crucial to our business, we only use ZQ Merino wool, which is not only
high-quality, it’s also environmentally sustainable and produced with a focus
on animal welfare. Being able to use this fibre means we can ensure our clothing meets
consumer expectations for sustainable practices, from growing the wool right through
to sewing all our garments in Christchurch New Zealand.  

Today True Fleece garments are worn by people all around the world who want a sustainable,
natural garment which is designed to perform on any adventure, wherever they are.